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Keys to France


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Live your French Dreams

Keys to France

Live your French Dreams

Keys to France

Why Keys to France?

Unlock the Gateway to Your French Dream with Keys to France – Your All-Inclusive Partner in Seamless Relocation. Whether it's for professional or personal pursuits, we're dedicated to making your transition to France as smooth as can be. Founded on years of legal expertise, professional know-how, and personal experiences, Keys to France emerged from countless nights of visa research, driven by unwavering hope. Having navigated the French expat life firsthand, I now lend a helping hand to friends and family daily with immigration queries, and I'm here to do the same for you. Let me be the hotline I wish I had!



The Keys to France Approach

Schedule a Consultation

Ready to take the first step toward your smooth transition in France? Book the package that best suits you!

30 Minute Consultation

All packages come with an initial consultation call to provide you with personalized assistance. You will receive a questionnaire designed to tailor the call to your specific situation.

Post Call

Following your consultation, Keys to France ensures a swift and valuable follow-up as included in your package. If you require further assistance, additional services are available for booking!

Personalized Support

Tailored support for your unique journey.

Reliable Hotline

Guaranteed response within 12 hours.

Up-to-Date Insights

Guaranteed support based on up-to-date French immigration policies.


Extensive legal education, professional experience, and firsthand insights.

Client testimonials

"Keys to France was very much professional, responsive, and helpful. Highly recommended." - Rawan AJ

Client testimonials

"Christina is kind, organized and really knows the in's and out's of the French visa process! She comes fully prepared to your meetings and can answer pretty much any question. She assisted me with my student visa and I really appreciated her help!" - Kelly S.

Client testimonials

"Christina is an expert at navigating the French visa system. She is very knowledgeable and helped me understand every step of the process. I highly recommend her services." - Meghan D.

Client testimonials

"Christina is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She provided excellent advice and resources, and I'm glad I found her. She answered all my questions promptly, no matter how big or small. She even recommended sources that helped me find an apartment. My move from the US to France was much easier with her help, and I would definitely recommend these services." - Maureen F.

Client testimonials

"Christina's services and knowledge of the French administration has greatly helped me maneuver the system once I moved to France. She has been kind and patient during my process and really put all her effort into helping me [...] Preparing me for my OFFI appointment, how to make appointments with the prefecture for a renewal, understanding each document that I needed and where to get them and how to move prefectures when my file was already in process at another [...] Highly recommend using Keys to France!" - Alyssa L.